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The BeeLine GPS is a self contained unit with GPS receiver, ceramic patch antenna, APRS packet encoder, and 16mw 70cm radio transmitter.   The 16mw version has an integrated  USB interface and single cell LiPo charger, so no external USB interface is needed. The BeeLine GPS also has on-board non-volatile memory that stores coordinates for download after your flight.  1 M-bit of memory means you get more than 2 hours of logging at 1 hz.  View your flight profiles in Google Earth


For extreme altitude, a 100mw version is available to extend your range to 250,000 feet or more!  It does require the external USB interface to programming and battery charging.

In addition to the BeeLine GPS transmitter, you will need a suitable receiver and APRS packet decoder (TNC).  Most 70cm amateur radio transceivers/receivers will work, as long as they have an audio output connector (most do).   The audio output connects to your PC/soundcard/smarthpone and is decoded using  APRS software, or a dedicated (hardware) decoder like the TT4 from Byonics or the OpenTracker+ from Argent Data just to mention a few.  Some handheld radios contain integrated decodes (and GPS modules, too!).  You can read more about the available radios here.

Here are some more pictures of the decoders in action, including the Kenwood TH-D7A(g).

This product will be made available to licensed amateur radio operators only, or others with the proper authorization to transmit on the desired frequency.


bulletCompletely integrated:  RF transmitter, GPS and RF antennas, GPS Module, and battery all in one small package.
bullet56-Channel u-blox 7 GPS engine.
bulletLithium-Poly battery lasts for more than 8 hours.
bulletTransmits on ANY frequency in the 70cm band (in 125 hz steps)
bulletAPRS compatible -- uses standard decoding hardware
bulletIncluded active patch antenna plugs into standard U.FL connector (100mw version only)
bulletPower Management:  User programmable transmit rates and output power
bulletCompatible with existing BeeLine Serial / USB Adapters and Chargers
bulletUser upgradeable firmware
bulletRange:  10 miles line of site. (>40 miles for 100mw version)
bulletFlight data stored in non-volatile memory (2+ hours @ 1 hz) -- compatible with Google Earth
bullet1.25" x 3", weighs about 2 ounces, and fits in a 38mm body tube (or a 54mm nose cone) 
bulletTransmits latitude, longitude, altitude, course and speed.



High Power Rockets 


RC Airplanes 




Hot Air Balloons 


Fox Hunting


Law Enforcement / Asset Tracking


Wildlife Tracking

Current Software / Firmware / Documentation:

bulletBeeFlash version 11:  Flash update utility used to update the BeeLine GPS firmware

Or, look at ALL of the software versions

Tested TNC's (AX.25 packet decoders)

bulletByonics PICPAC (Hardware)
bulletWINAPRS  (Software w/ PC Sound Card)
bulletAPRSDROID (Android Phone app)
bulletMobilinkd TNC (Hardware with bluetooth connection to APRSDROID)
bulletMIXW  (Software w/ PC Sound Card)
bulletAEA PK-88 (Hardware)
bulletPacComm TNC (Hardware)
bulletKenwood TH-D7A(g), TH-D72, (2M/70cm HT w/ integrated TNC), TM-D700
bulletYaesu VX-8


Due to the power output levels of this transmitter, proper packet reception and decoding require a FREE AND CLEAR LINE OF SIGHT between the transmitter and receiver.  

The typical usage model will be to capture and decode packets as the rocket descends under 'chute.  Once your rocket hits the ground (or goes behind that ridge), it's likely that you will lose the ability to receive and decode packets. (But you can still track the transmitter as if it were a standard RF beacon).


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GPS FLIGHT, Loki and ATHA products use a 900Mhz spread spectrum transmitter:

AED uses a a fixed frequency 433.92 Mhz transmitter module:


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