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Download the  documentation.

Download the Windows programming software:

Old BRB900 Windows programming software.



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License free, and so simple to use!

Complete system without LCD just $309.  With LCD enabled receiver, picture above, add $69.  Includes single cell LiPo for transmitter and USB Interface / battery charger.

The BRB900 TX/RX builds on the success of the 70cm Beeline GPS, and eliminates the need for an expensive receiver and an amateur radio license. The transmitter and battery fit inside a 38mm coupler tube

The base models consists of a GPS receiver and a 250mw 900 Mhz spread spectrum transmitter for the device being tracked (see picture on the left), and a matching receiver with a USB interface.  Just plug into your computer, and monitor the GPS data stream in real-time! 

The transmitter includes non-volatile memory  to record in-flight data for later viewing in Google Earth (kml file). At lest 1 and 1/2 hours of data is saved with positions stored every second (or at a rate you specify).  It also programs the  high performance 50 channel ublox 7 GPS chipset putting it into "air mode" for reliable altitude reporting (which some similar products do not).

An optional upgrade to the receiver adds an LCD screen (pictured above) and eliminates the need for a computer on the receive side.  The 3x16 line sunlight viewable display shows latitude, longitude, altitude and many other important parameters.  An internal battery recharges via the USB interface, which echoes the same data as the base model described above.

Range is approx 6 miles using the included antennas, up to 15 miles using higher gain (Yagi) antennas for the receiver, but you'll have to supply that.

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