OPTION 1) 1/4 wave whip wire antenna


This is the simplest antenna, and consists of a piece of insulated copper  wire approximately 3" long soldered directly to the board. The wire is very flexible and can be easily replaced with an ordinary soldering iron. This is the smallest, lightest option


OPTION 2) Dipole "rubber duck" antenna


The "rubber duck" antenna mounts to the transmitter board via an RP-SMA connector. The antenna is very rigid and care must be taken to avoid excessive forces from being applied to the antenna, that could cause damage to the transmitter board.  This antenna provides 2.1 dBi of gain

OPTION 3) Remote Dipole "Rubber duck" antenna.


Same as option 2) above, but instead of screwing directly into an SMA connector, the antenna crews into a 10cm long adapter cable that in turn plugs in to a U.fl connector on the transmitter board.  It provides 2.1 dBi of gain.

Long Barrel SMA


The SMA connector on the left is the "standard" RP-SMA connector.  On the Right is the "long" version


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