USB Data Interface and Single Cell Lithium Poly Battery.

Interface the USB connection on your PC to BeeLine beacons or APRS transmitters to modify the transmit parameters.  No need for a separate USB to RS232 converter.  Also charges a single cell (3.7V) lithium poly battery (via power from the USB).  100 ma charge rate.  LED illuminates when charging, turns off when charging is complete.  Includes USB cable (Type A Male to Mini B)

There are three connectors on this board. 

  1. The miniB USB connector connects the board to your PC via the supplied cable. 

  2. The 5-pin header connects to the Beeline transmitter.  Use this configuration to modify the transmit parameters of the device.  The transmitter must be powered ON to be programmed.

  3. The 3-pin header connects directly to the battery.  Unplug the battery from the transmitter and plug into the charger port.  The LED will remain illuminated until the battery is full charged.

Drivers are located here

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