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All of these flights used BeeLine GPS transmitters!

Your flight could be be here!

Greg Morgan flew a 98mm minimum diameter rocket on a CTI N1560 for a new altitude record at Balls 26. KML. Video  

Nic Lottering from Australia at Balls 2013 on an N5800 to 51,200' AGL.  KML TBD.  Look at that straight boost! Curt von Delius at XPRS 2015 flying with his Phoenix 4 to 29,244 meters.  KMLPress Release

Jim Jarvis' record setting staged N-M flight to 73,647' at LDRS 2013.  KML Jim Jarvis flight to 118K on two stage N-N FourCarbYen at BALLS 2013 KML

CNSP18:  Distance record as it flew from San Jose to Morocco.  KML CNSP: Record breaking balloon flight on 10/22/2011 to 136,545 feet Above Sea Level! KMZ
Andrej Vrbec flew his balloon to 68, 750'.  Launched  in Slovenia, landed in Croatia.  KML PBH13 broke the amateur altitude record, 2nd place altitude record, climbing to more than 135,000' before dumping into the Atlantic.  KML
Ron Meadows, K6RPT.  Balloon flight from San Jose to Utah, 115K AGL for a long duration flight.  KML Erik Ebert flew 4 ARLISS rockets at XPRS, here's a cool composite showing all 4 flights launching off the same pad. KML
Mark Dunkel L3 Cert to 8000 AGL  KML Adrian Carbine, TRA RECORD! KML
Ron K6PRT balloon flight 3/27/10.  KML Nick K0NMS at Great Plains Super Launch. KML
Greg K7RKT rocket launch to 17000 KML PBH-8 traveled 1162 miles and spent 33 hours in the air, coming in 2nd place for time aloft by an amateur balloon! KML
Ken Biba N1000, TRA RECORD!  KML  

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