July 8, 2014

BigRedBee, LLC


BigRedBee is pleased to announce reduced pricing  on selected products, a well as a few changes.


A redesigned , fully integrated 70cm 16mw GPS/APRS transmitter is now available.  Unlike it's predecessor, it come with  an on-board  USB interface and battery charger.  It also has a u-blox 7 GPS receiver,  non-volatile flash memory that stores over 2 hours of flight data, and flexible wire whip antenna.  It is narrower than before, just 25mm wide.  Cost of  the new transmitter is just $214.  SMA antenna, 400mah /  800mah LiPo batteries , and micro-USB cable are also available for and  additional charge.


The 70cm 100mw GPS/APRS transmitter  remains unchanged, and requires the  external USB interface for programming and battery charging.    A flexible wire whip antenna is included,  and features  a more sensitive active GPS patch antenna  with a standard u.fl connector  if you need to relocate it.  As with the 16mw device, an  SMA antenna, battery, and USB interface are available for  additional charge.  Cost  of the 100mw version  has been reduced to $259.


The price for the BRB900 Transmitter has been reduced to $199.


The BBRB FM beacons and 2 Meter GPS/APRS transmitters remain unchanged.


Although not necessarily rocket related,  the BRB SBD is also available for sale.  The BigRedBee SBD allows you to send and receive short messages from anywhere on Earth with a clear view of the sky using the Iridium satellite network.  No cell phone / GSM / APRS or other radio service is required.  The integrated GPS and power management features provide a completely self contained system, no external components required. Price for the BRB SBD is $475, and includes the Iridium 9603 modem, u-blox 7 GPS module, 32-bit Cortex-M4 CPU and all transmit / receive antennas. 


We're headed to LDRS next week, so the web-store will be closed from July 12 through July 20.  We're working to update the prices on the web -- so if things don't match what you see here, make sure to let us know!


  BigRedBee Price List effective July 8, 2014
  Model # Desecription Price   Comments
  BRBTX  16mw 70cm FM Beacon $59 *^ Integrated USB
  BRBMPTX  100mw 70cm FM Beacon $89 *^  
  BRBGPS 16mw 70cm GPS/APRS Transmitter $215 * Integrated USB / charger
  BRBMPGPS 100mw 70cm GPS/APRS Transmitter $259 *^  
  BRB900TX 900Mhz GPS Transmitter $199 *^ wire whip antenna
  BRB900RX 900Mhz Receiver $99 #  
  BRBSBD Iridium SBD GPS transmitter $450    
    Misc / Options / Upgrades      
  BRBUSBCHG USB Interface  / Charger / Mini-B cable $26    
  MICROUSB Micro-B usb cable $5   for BRBGPS ONLY
  BRBSMA SMA antenna upgrade $12   For 70cm transmitters
  BRBLCD LCD Upgrade for 900 Mhz Receiver $69 +  
  BAT210 210 mah Lithium Poly Battery $10   For FM Beacons
  BAT400 400 mah Lithium Poly Battery $12   For 29mm tubes
  BAT850 850 mah Lithium Poly Battery $15   for GPS transmitters
  BRBPKG USB interface + Battery $26   for all transmitters except BRBGPS
  * Transmitters come  with wire whip antenna and no battery    
  + LCD Upgrade includes battery      
  ^ USB Interface required to modify parameters      
  # no battery required      



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BigRedBee, LLC


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