BigRedBee will gladly inspect and repair your BeeLine beacon or GPS transmitter.  Defective units will be repaired/replaced for one year from the date of purchase.  Most other units will also be repaired/replaced, sometimes for a small additional fee. 

Damage to lithium polymer batteries caused be excessive discharge is not covered.

  1. Please include $10 (cash, check, or money order made out to BigRedBee, LLC) to cover return shipping and handling.  If an additional charge is required to repair your unit, we'll let you know.
  2. Please send via USPS Priority mail to the address listed below.  No insurance is necessary if you ship via USPS Priority Mail.
  3. Please use a box, not a padded mailerBigRedBee is not responsible for damage as a result of improper shipping.  Boxes are available for free at the Post Office if you use Priority Mail.  Your cost to mail should not exceed $5.00.
  4. Please do not send your RF transmit antenna, serial adapter or battery charger unless you believe they are defective, as we tend to lose the extra items!
  5. Please write your name and/or callsign on the unit, and include a short description of the problem.

Our address is:

BigRedBee, LLC

5752 Bay Point Drive

Lake Oswego, OR  97035

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