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A letter from Gordon Smith

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Data from recent flights.

Some pictures of my 75mm Minimum Diameter Rocket.  Body Tube, Big Fins, Smaller Fins


OregonRocketry is my rocket club.  Here is the launch schedule for 2006.  Download a brochure (from 2003) if you want more information.


A video of my Quantum Leap.  Staging from a J350 to an I284.  Total altitude, about 7000'.  Brothers, Oregon  June 2003.
A Video of Alex McLaughlin's Kevlar Kritter

Here's my Sudden Rush getting ready to leap off the pad for it's Level 1 certification flight.  I don't fly this rocket any more because I've got several other's of the same general size.

This is my two-stage Quantum Leap.  It first flew in May 2002 on a I211->I161, then in June in an I284->I211.  Both flights were spectacular!

In 2003, It would be really nice to put a J350 in the booster, and an I284 in the sustainer.  Unfortunately, I built it so that a J350 would NOT fit in the sustainer, so I'll have to pop up to a 54mm in the 2nd stage.  That will be cool!

In June, 2004, I'll be launching on a J415 to I211.  I expect close to 9000'.  Update 6/30/2004:  it topped out at 8600'.  Here's a picture of the liftoff courtesy of Fred Azinger. 

My Level Two rocket, A modified PML Endeavor that I call 'endive'.  My biggest motor to date was flown with this rocket.  a J415 took this one to 6000+ feet!

The Nimbus, in it's original form before the fin can and body tube were replace.  This 54mm minimum diameter rocket can really scream.  I've flown this on a variety of motors, including a J415 to 9000'!

Plans for 2003 include a K185 in May, 2003 at Brothers.


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