UAV and drone Tracking




Many UAV and drone tracking systems rely on either cell phone networks or very short range RF transmitters to return position reports to the operator.  Others use Amateur Radio frequencies which are not approved for commercial use. 

The BRB900 does not require access to cell phone networks, has a line-of site range of 28 miles using high gain antennas, and uses FCC approved radio modules suitable for commercial use. 

This system integrates a pair of  250mw radio transceivers with a u-blox 7 GPS module to provide accurate position reporting in dynamic flight environments .  The receiver (shown with optional LCD display) is capable of tracking multiple transmitters, and connects to a PC via a USB interface.  Software available for the PC generates real-time Google map "kml" files for tracking real time tracking, or simple data logging if internet access is not available.

More info and documentation is available on the BRB900 page.

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