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10/01/2015:  Curt von Delius launched his 2-stage Phoenix 4 at XPRS 2015.  GPS reported altitude was 29,244 meters, and the sustainer landed just 2 miles from the pad. BeeLine GPS data and press release located here


3/29/2014:  Check out the new BigRedBee SBD page:


1/1/2014:  There are now TWO BigRedBee transmitters in Earth orbit!


10/23/2013:  Jim Jarvis launches another N-N rocket to 118K with Beeline GPS.


8/15/2013:  Jim Jarvis sets new staged N altitude record of 73,647 feet with BeeLine GPS.


12/20/2012: Record setting Trans-Atlantic CNSP-18 flight is recovered in Morocco!


10/01/2012: u-blox GPS module replaces Trimble Lassen IQ on 900Mhz BeeLine GPS


9/11/2012:  Carmack Prize claimed by Aeropac, BeeLine GPS used to verify altitude.


5/16/2012: u-blox GPS module replaces Trimble Lassen IQ on 70cm BeeLine GPS.


3/15/2012:  Steve Daniels and his PARIS project got into the Guinness Book of World Records using the BeeLine GPS!


3/06/2011:   Project Blue Horizon sets new amateur balloon altitude record of 135,030' using BeeLine 2 Meter GPS!


11/23/2010: BRB900 transmitters and receivers now shipping!


10/25/2010:  Some very preliminary documentation regarding the BRB900 transmitter and receiver.


6/08/2010:  Added a section on what radios to use for receiving these transmitters.


5/05/2010:  Latest windows software for the 70cm and 2 meter GPS transmitters has been released.  It fixes the problem where the display hangs when reading or clearing the onboard flash.


4/18/2010: New Version 209 of the 70cm BLGPS firmware released.  Fixes a bug in the "smart launch detect" state machine display, and transmits altitude as FEET or METERS.  Make sure to download the latest windows software.


3/27/2010:  check out the KML GALLERY for some record setting data sets from interesting and recording setting flights using the BeeLIne GPS.  KML files are viewable in Google Earth.


3/18/2010:  New Shopping Cart is up and running.  Most everything should be there -- check it out, register as a new user, and order if you'd like.  Now accepting Credit Card transactions via secure SSL link!


1/23/2010:  Introducing the  BeeLine MP TX: A 100 mw version of the BeeLine transmitter is now available. It is very similar to the original BeeLine transmitter with higher power output.  $89 for the bare board, $115 for the package deal.


1/13/2010:  I no longer stock the USB->RS232 adapter dongle cable.  All package deals now ship with a native USB interface.  Serial interface is available upon request.  If you want to order a USB->RS232 adapter, contact me, and I'll give you the info to order one direct.


11/29/09:  Robert Clinton W0BUX submitted this APRS Installation Guide for Public Service Events


 3/01/09:  That old battery charger that we've been supplying for the past few years is currently OUT OF STOCK.  Check out the new USB BASED battery charger!


11/17/08:  BeeLine Transmitter supports user definable FM or CW transmit modes


11/01/08:  I've added a gallery page for user submitted projects.


8/24/08:  New firmware for 2 Meter High Power released to translate altitude from meters to feet.


8/09/08:  Packaging options for the 2 Meter HP Transmitter


7/23/08:  2 Meter High Power SiRFstarIII press release


7/14/08:  BeeLine Transmitter now does CW in addition to FM on 70cm


6/21/08:   Stickers are in!


4/1/08:   2 meter 5 Watt GPS based on SiRFstar III now available:


1/15/08:  2 Meter 5 watt prototypes up and running!  Check out K7RKT-2 on findu.com or aprs.fi to see it LIVE


12/11/07:  New 1 watt / 5 watt BeeLine GPS announced


10/07/07:  A new ordering page has been created -- hopefully the cleaner look will make it easier to find what you want.


9/21/07:  A 3-pin header for modifying the battery charger will be included in all new orders.


8/08/07:  QST Magazine reviews the BigRedBee GPS Telemetry Transmitter.


8/07/07:  New Digital Telemetry feature released!


8/07/07:  The forums have been restored.


1/20/07:   Now accepting Visa and Mastercard!


12/22/06:   Just need a small  Lassen IQ GPS breakout board? Read this.


9/30/06:   XPRS was GREAT.  Read about some flights that had BeeLine GPS's on board.


9/1/06:     SLI teams take 10% off all orders!


12/21/05:  BeeLine GPS transmitters are NOW AVAILABLE!


11/10/05:  The BeeLine GPS Beta Program is under way.  Stay Tuned for the full release early in 2006!


11/08/05:  Do you have a BeeLine?  Add yourself to the Frappr Map!


11/03/05:  A new version of the BeeLine Transmitter interface program has been released.  If you're using USB to Serial adapters, and the comport is greater than "COM9", you will need this new version.


10/28/05:  The 'production' version of the  BeeLine GPS board taped out today.  We expect it back in a couple of weeks.


9/23/05:  BeeLine GPS tested at XPRS!  Test flights ranging from an H189 to a K185 were a success!  GPS lock was lost momentarily during boost, but quickly re-acquired before apogee.  Realtime data including altitude pinpointed the exact location of the rocket.


9/17/05:  BigRedBee will be at XPRS September 22-25.  Stop by and say hi!


9/04/05:  Take a sneak peak at the BeeLine GPS board!


9/03/05:  Speaking of new boards, Gold Phoenix PCB  ROCKS!  I've used them to fab several runs of circuit boards.  Their prices,  quality and service are amazing!  I also can't believe that in 9 calendar days, you can have gerbers turned into circuit boards FROM CHINA.  Simply amazing.


9/02/05:  A new revision of the BeeLine Transmitter board is back from the fab!  An SMA connector is now available for the antenna output at an additional cost.   Boards purchased without the SMA connector are NOT upgradeable. 


8/19/05:  USB to Serial Port adapters are now available.


7/15/05:  From now until 9/15/05, new amateur radio operators will receive $10 off a package deal.  See the main page for details.


5/19/05:  First a mailing list that didn't work all that well, now.... FORUMS!


5/15/05: This weekend's OregonRocketry launch was a success, despite the rain.  Several club members were equipped with BeeLine transmitters and home-made Yagis.  Not a single rocket with a BeeLine was lost!


5/10/05Source code for the BeeLine processor now available.


5/01/05:  Special prices for OregonRocketry members.  Take $5 off a BeeLine Transmitter, or save $10 on a package deal!


4/24/05:  Introductory prices ending soon.  ORDER NOW and save!


3/26/05: Boards have arrived from the FAB!  If you are interested in making a purchase, please contact me!


3/18/05:  The transmitter has successfully been tracked from 20 miles away!


3/13/05:  RS232 interface boards arrived today and are up and running.  Next step, place an order for 100 boards!

3/09/05: I looked into more readily available 20mm coin cell batteries.  They don't work very well. 

2/28/05: Circuit boards arrived today!!!!!


2/26/05:  I finally found a programmer that can reliably program the newer PIC processors.  Kit 149 from www.kitsrus.com seems to work well, and supports the 16F688 that I'm using.  It has both RS232 and USB inputs, as well as a ZIF socket and ICSP header.  You have to buy if from a distributor, I ordered mine from www.electronics123.com.


2/21/05:  Prototype #2 (on a hand etched board) is up and running!  I hope to get more battery life data using this unit.  I also did some testing of my ability to receive the transmitter's signal.


2/18/05:  If you haven't done reflow solder of SMT components in a toaster oven, you don't know what you're missing!


2/15/05 update: PLEASE watch this space for product availability:   I'm waiting for PCBs to arrive from the board house!


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